Three Men Make a Tiger

by Mike Vial



Mike's first EP recorded in Michigan, featuring mostly acoustic songs of love, loss, and hope.


released December 7, 2007

Produced by Marshall Block @ RealiiReel Studios, Fenton, MI in 2007-2008
Mastered by Marshall Block
All vocals, guitars & mandolin by Mike Vial


all rights reserved



Mike Vial Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mike Vial is a singer-songwriter from Michigan. He drinks too much coffee, plays Heritage and Taylor guitars, teaches guitar lessons at Dixboro Guitar, and tries to take his dog for two walks every day between a busy gig schedule, and his baby's nap schedule. ... more

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Track Name: Intelligent Fool
“Intelligent Fool”

I sit and I wait
I wait and I try
To pick through excuses and all of the lies
I fell in the road as it grew cold outside

She sits and she waits, and paints her long nails
And comes up with long tales, and I eat them slow
I’m so naïve I eat them slow

I sit and I wait
I wait and I cry
Play the images [in the] back of my mind
I promise myself to avoid all of her kind

[But] she sits and she waits before she comes back again
And I’m such a fool because I let her in
My friends just shake their heads and ask themselves why

I’m such a fool
Such an intelligent fool
As I ignore the obvious clues

She sits and she waits and paints all her nails, red
And comes up with painted tales, I’ve been fed
Oh I wanted to believe them,

So I sit and I wait
I wait while she flies
Pretend she had good intentions inside
I crave attention in my life…
Track Name: Julie's Monsters
“Julie’s Monsters”

Julie runs from monsters that are
Hiding in her reoccurring dreams
Something isn’t quite right so it seems
The curses she screams out loud when she sleeps

And if I’m the one who is there
When she wakes up she refuses to speak
Secrets she keeps hiding in her sheets
Behind dark eyes wax tears that seem to bleed

And I sing hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Even if you can’t tell me why
Secrets are always for you to keep
Only skin deep
Only skin deep

But Julie’s running out of ways
to hide those strange bruises over scars
Mapping out her secrets on her arms
She wears a bracelet with symbolic broken charms

And if I’m the one whose asking what they mean
She only shakes her head
Changes the subject instead
Whispers don’t worry go back to bed

And I sing hush little baby
Don’t you cry
Even if you won’t tell me why
And if your secrets are only for you see
Keep them a mystery

Dare I ask that if when they come around
Do they have teeth do they bite
(Keep them a mystery)
And when they come around do their claws shine in the night
(keep them a mystery)
Or do they tell her something
She’s not ready to hear
‘causes they’re right
Julie hides her answers so skintight

Julie runs from monsters that are hiding in her reoccurring dreams
Better kept a secret so it seems
Her monsters remain mysteries only
Only to me.
Track Name: My Lovely Enemy
“My Lovely Enemy”

I can’t trust myself today
To stay away from her she can’t come out to play
She hides herself…from me why can’t I see
She’ll always stay my lovely enemy

Amy, my lovely enemy, Amy

And she’s away, away she always runs
Since she has learned to distrust anyone’s
Words, absurd I’m so ashamed to think
That I could change her views with promises I’d keep

Amy, my lovely enemy, Amy
Who hates to love, who hates to love me
Amy, my lovely enemy, Amy
Who hates to love so openly

My lovely enemy, Amy
Who is always in a hurry
To hide herself in subtleties
She’ll never say
She’ll never say
She’s sorry

I watch out for her in the corner of my eye
Peripheral vision. Keep it inside
It’s my turn to hide

Cause she’s a riddle I’ll never figure out
Even though my love will always be devout
Recede my trust no matter what she pleads
When she figures out I’m the one she could believe

Amy, my lovely enemy, Amy

Amy, my lovely enemy, Amy
Who hates to love, who hates to love me
Amy, my lovely enemy, Any,
Who hates to love, she hates to love me
Amy, my lovely enemy, Amy
Does she regret the day she ran from me?
Track Name: Pieces of This World
“Pieces of this World”

Pieces of this world
Came down yesterday
The old men sang out loud
To the boys it was a mystery

And young boys became men
There was nothing to defend them from harsh sounds
Preceding poor judgment made them
A generation lost and jaded

While pieces of this world
Killed more than those boys
Leaders should shake hands
Instead they play with army toys

And young men should question
What they’re really fighting for
When pieces of violence
March up to their door

Pieces of this world
Hide the answers
Treasures will be found
If we dig ourselves deeper

Will we fall into these holes
And won’t be able to climb out
Unless we question who we are
Blend the colors into one

We are all pieces of this world
We are all pieces of this world
We are all pieces of this world
We are all pieces of this world.
Track Name: Mahogany

If we could be synchronized
And find friendship in the void of disguise
You could wade through my dozens
Of alibis

As the sands of time fall through
The hourglass in my mind
It creates a hill of memories
Too steep for me to climb

If we were daring in red
And could climb
Inside her head
Pick through her thoughts
We’d find forget…me knots
in the brain’s tiny slots

and you could pretend to see
traces of mahogany
we let bleed so deep
trying to move on
so subtly

As the sands of time turn to stone
I finally realized I’m on my own
So desperately alone

As the world spins around me
With past chances of romance and etymology
It so plain to see
Track Name: White Wine
“White Wine”

I sat all alone
Drinking a glass of white wine
And tried to ignore
My memories and longings for her
I waited by the phone
Blaming myself for feeling so damn alone

I sat by the phone
Playing her games in my mind
And I thought I’d lose this time
Instead I just swallowed my pride
And fought through love that became war
Inside of myself I had lost so much more

Trying to make it work
Only got myself broken hearted hurt
Now I’m lost in-between
Respecting yourself is
Harder than it seems

I sat like a stone
The phone rang so innocently
My hand held its own
[I said] she’s only a bad memory
Because if I had took a chance, and danced with her voice
I’d a lost all control in the strength of my choice

So I sat all alone
Playing those games in my mind
I guess I won this time
Drinking a glass of white wine
Track Name: Faster Than Slow
“Faster Than Slow”

I used to carry you home
I used to push your hair back
You used to pretend to like it alone
As your friends shed some light on the subject
We were like a Friends episode
A pair of college brats
We lived in the same apartment complex
Lovesick, two room flats

I made you smile so I should feel half good
I only wanted you to feel worth it.
I hope you know, I always understood
I’d have to let you go
Faster than slow…
So you could change this world.

And I never asked you to commit
I always thought it would scare you away
We used to jump around the subject
And dance in the shades of gray but

We’ve only got about a month left
With you left living in this state
So please avoid your state of mind
Where you push me away.

I made you cry so I could feel half good
I only wanted to feel worth it, too you
I hope you don’t misunderstand those tears
’Cause crying was my way of coping

With you moving out West
Please, don’t distress.
If I feel the need to confess
That I loved you so I let you go faster than slow.

The water’s cold in your hometown
My tears are salty and hot
I’m still cheering you on
Even if I’m hurting a lot

I made you cry so I could feel half good
I only wanted to feel worth it, to you
I hope you and me suddenly agree
Sooner than later we will both see
It was all worth it.

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