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Sometimes leaving is the best option. A song with a brush of Cat Steven's "Wild World" and Brooks Williams's "Illinois."

Written: October 2008, finished February 2010
Guitar note: whole step down tuning
Recorded with a Taylor 414rce and 1961 Gibson ES-335



There’s a start to every river like an eye to every storm
A road that leads out of every town
with the patterns that are worn straight through my soles.
We’re shaped by the landscapes that we roam.

This tired town isn’t dead but these streets, too small a stage
My door’s fully open but it’s too hard to rearrange
All these boxes in my car. I can’t fit them in my four door escape.
I’m leaving half of these boxes on the road by the river bend
For someone else to take.

I don’t know why I’m floating all alone
Mistaken driftwood for solid ground or a home
The river runs through this town, I have found
There’s nothing really here
The storm has past, the winds have calmed, alas
Now the skies are clear
The skies are clear

It’s like I’ve had one foot on the break and another foot on the gas
It’s gonna take more than a stop sign
To halt me in my task of breaking out of here
Even if I have to break a few hearts
I’m breaking out of here
You have to break first before you start to heal.


It’s time for me go
Take that long and winding road west, dear
And move past reflection of myself found in the rearview mirror.
The cracked rearview mirror
The cracked rearview mirror
The cracked rearview mirror
Where objects are always closer than they appear

The horizon has a golden tint, the window has a glare
There’s nonsense on the radio reminding me there’s no need to care
About how far it is, objects are closer than they appear.
And about how far it is odometer counts it so clear for me.



from Burning the Boats, released September 25, 2010
Produced by Michael Chambers and Dan Achen @ Catherine North Studios, Hamilton, Ontario in 2010
Mike Vial: guitars, vocals, piano
Michael Chambers: bass
Michael Marcone: Hammond B3 organ


all rights reserved



Mike Vial Ann Arbor, Michigan

Mike Vial is a singer-songwriter from Michigan. He drinks too much coffee, plays Heritage and Taylor guitars, teaches guitar lessons at Dixboro Guitar, and tries to take his dog for two walks every day between a busy gig schedule, and his baby's nap schedule. ... more

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